8PM Dear Night Lottery Results – Today’s Winning Numbers.

Dear Night Lottery Result

8PM Dear Night Lottery Results – Today’s Winning Numbers.

The Dear Night lottery starts at 6:00 PM and the government officially announces the results at 8:00 PM so it is commonly called the Dear night lottery game.The 8 PM Dear Night Lottery Results draw brings excitement among lottery participants. As the day comes people eagerly wait for the announcement of the winning numbers and hope to claim the prizes. 

Nagaland State Lottery

The Dear Lottery system in Nagaland State is a very famous and trusted game conducted by the Nagaland State Lotteries department. It has become very popular in recent years due to the thrill and excitement.Their Positive results brings hope to the people to participate and win exciting prizes.Anyone aged 18 and above can play this game.Ticket fare for the nagaland lottery is ₹6 per person.Only the residents of Nagaland can claim the rewards. The Nagaland State Lotteries run every day of the week at three different times under the name of 

  • Dear Morning at 1 PM
  • Dear Evening at 6 PM
  • Dear Night at 8 PM

Night Lottery Draw Names

In Nagaland State, the Dear Lottery 8 PM draw goes by different names depending on the day of the week. Here’s a breakdown of the various names for this popular lottery draw:

Day Draw
Monday Dear Finch Monday weekly Lottery
Tuesday  Dear Goose Tuesday weekly lottery
Wednesday Dear Pelican Wednesday weekly lottery
Thursday Dear Sandpiper Thursday weekly lottery
Friday Dear Seagull Friday weekly lottery
Saturday Dear Stork Saturday weekly lottery
Sunday Dear Toucan Sunday weekly lottery

This is the name of every weekly lottery draw that is held every day, and you can quickly find out the names of all the draws by looking at this table. You can quickly check the most recent lottery result here, which is updated every day.

8PM Lottery Prize list

Every day at 8 P.M., a lottery draw for the Nagaland lottery sambad is held.Only one participant will get a chance to win a first prize amount. The second place prize is distributed among 10 players who equally got 9000 Rupees . The third place prize is distributed among 10 winners each get 450 rupees .

Prize Rank Prize Amount
1st Rs.1,00,00,000










Rs 120

Night Lottery Live:

Everyday at 8 pm the Nagaland State Lottery releases a result for Dear Evening Lottery.We update the live lottery result at the perfect time . If you buy any lottery ticket then you must visit our site to check the latest lottery result .

If you’re interested in learning more about the Dear Lottery system, how to play, and the Nagaland lottery result, we provide you with all the information you need. Stay tuned to discover the latest Lottery sambad result and increase your chances of winning big in the Dear Lottery system.



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