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Nagaland State Lottery 6:00PM Today Result

Nagaland lottery result today 6 PM

Stay with Lottery Sambad website to quickly check your Nagaland lottery results today at 6:00 PM. Click on the link below to find out if you are the lucky winner of today’s lottery draw. You can also download the PDF format of lottery results. If you have bought Nagaland Lottery tickets for the 6:00 PM with hopes of winning the super bumper prizes. It is very important to know that Nagaland Dear Lottery is a government-operated game and funds raised through this promotes the state’s development. We publish the 2nd round of Nagaland draw results daily. Access comprehensive game result details on our Lottery Sambad website, whether you have purchased a single ticket or multiple lottery tickets for the 6:00 PM Nagaland draw. Along with the names of the winners, you can also find various different lottery names of Nagaland 6 PM tickets, the procedure to buy tickets, prize distribution, old lottery results for everyday at all three different times of the day and more.

Lottery Sambad Evening Lottery

The Lottery Sambad evening lottery is held in the Indian state of Nagaland, administered by the Finance Department. This lottery starts at 4:00 PM and the government officially announces the results at 6:00 PM which is why it is commonly referred to as the Dear Evening Lottery game.

Procedure For participating In the 6:00 PM Lottery

The procedure for participating in the 6 PM evening lottery is very simple, as the process is simplified without any strict rules. If you are a citizen of India and are 18 years and above, you can participate in the 6:00 PM Lottery. It costs six (6) rupees per ticket only to buy a Lottery Sambad ticket. Government rules specify that only Nagaland state residents can claim lottery rewards.

Dear Evening Lottery Ticket Names

Let your imagination meet achievements today, by checking the live lottery Sambad results. These are the different names of Dear Evening lottery tickets published daily

Day  Dear Evening Ticket Names
Monday Dear Desert Monday Weekly
Tuesday  Dear Wave Tuesday Weekly
Wednesday Dear Hill Wednesday Weekly
Thursday  Dear Lake Thursday Weekly
Friday Dear Mountain Friday Weekly
Saturday Dear River Saturday Weekly
Sunday Dear Sea Sunday Weekly

Dear Evening 6:00 PM Prize

Transform your destiny overnight with a dear evening 6:00 PM prize. Review the wide range of prizes below and win the jackpot, surprise bumper gifts from the Lottery Sambad 6 pm tickets.

Winning Rank No. of Prizes Prize Amount (in ₹) Super Prize Amount (in ₹)
1 1 99,00,000 1,00,000
Consolation prizes  579 1,000 500
2 5800 9,000 500
3 58000 500 50
4 58000 250 20
5 580000 120 10

Buy Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM Tickets Online Or Offline

The majority of people buy Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM tickets. Millions of tickets are printed, each with a unique serial number to increase sales. To benefit every participant, the Nagaland lottery authority sells Lottery Sambad Evening tickets in online and offline methods.

Buy Lottery sambad 6:00 PM Tickets Online

Conveniently buy Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM tickets online through government authorised Lottery Sambad retailers, distributors as there are no additional fees associated with online lottery purchases.

Buy lottery sambad 6:00 PM Tickets Offline

You can buy Lottery Sambad 6:00 PM tickets through offline mode by visiting a local agent at the Nagaland Lottery office. This is the most budget-friendly option for an offline lottery procedure.

At 6:00 PM sharp, we update the ‘Dear Evening’ lottery results. Along with the announcement, we also publish the lottery game results in PDF files on our Lottery Sambad website.


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